===> Sophie: Reflect for a moment


It’s been a while since you’ve had time to think; to clear your mind. In fact, not since entering the game. 

Let’s see: You had entered the game, prototyped a flamenco figurine and a frog to get this… thing (To be fair, flamencosprite was very helpful on your planet), Fought off a load of enemies with a pair of scissors (and eventually a very large and dangerous looking pair of them, complete with punny name), alchemized a load of useless crud, and explored your land, LODAR. It really was beautiful there, but you never had the chance to really take in the sights apart from for a brief moment. But then HE came; and destroyed your planets. Luckily you were “advised” to head for your quest bed before hand by those who had orchestrated your entry. You mourned your planet and your consorts for a while, but there are more pressing issues at hand, like defeating Chronos and destroying his land.  You can’t dwell on it forever, though, so here you are, chilling with flamencosprite for a moment, overlooking the battlefield. You don’t expect the calm to last very long.

> Kaylen: Converse with a Horrorterror
>Kaylen: Collect Grist

Grist. You remember the oddly gusher-shaped material had been required for building and now you needed it for something much more important than that. Once all players had ascended to God Tier, you had contacted your fellow team mates to group together. 500 grist was a lot to collect, you had all decided, and soon got to work. However, you were unsure what exactly you could do to help. You weren’t exactly much of a doer, not having much of a skill you could exploit to aid in the efforts of everyone collecting grist. So you stand off to the side, nervously watching everyone else get to work.

After a while of watching, you needed to do something, anything that could help. So, cupping your hands around your mouth you shouted as loud as you could,

"Keep up the good work everybody! We can do this!"

===> Sophie: Do something


After consulting a guide you found on the internet, you guess you should sort out something called your strife specibus; apparently the enimies, called imps, won’t hold off for long. You dash toward the stairs, stopping momentarily to examine the Alchemiter, Totem Lathe and Cruxtruder deployed in the Lounge and Dining room. At least they aren’t too far apart from one another. You will apparently need them later.

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===> Sophie: Enter


The game loads, and there are only 30 seconds on the clock. You apparently need two things to shove inside this light-ball-thing. You toss the two nearest things to you in, A flemenco dancer figurine and a stuffed frog toy, just before the clock reaches zero. You arrive in the some place called the LAND OF DEW AND RAINBOWS. What the hell are you going to do now?

===> Enig-o-matic: Introduce yourself


Please, your name is SOPHIE, Enig-o-matic is just a screen name you use. Your interests include WRITING, MUSIC, and ASTRONOMY. You also dream of being able to actually draw, but you totally suck at it. Your room is a dark purple, but you are currently sitting at the computer, loading a game called SBARG or something. Your chumhandle is wildCard, and you feel that your speech patterns are RATHER UNIQUE.  You live in the country known as the UNITED KINGDOM, and you joined a team of mostly strangers in order to play, only joining because you may or may not have stalked the leader of the team for a while, sending her CUTE POETRY occasionally. However, you really want to get to know your other team members. As the game loads, you look through the nearby glass door at the overcast sky and damp earth. You have a feeling that whatever happens today, it will be a long day indeed.

[S] Jessica: Enter

It seemed like a normal day at first, but something felt different. Many of your friends told you to distance yourself from your hopes of this game of fate being real, and apparently they were…totally wrong.

Now, there were strange machines all around from your friend, purpleTiger, and there was some sort of glow-y thing following you.

-artisticAuthor [AA] began pestering purpleTiger [PT]-
AA: Okay, so, what’s this white orb thingamajiggy floating around me?
PT: Dunno, toss some stuff into it?
AA: Um, okay. owo Let’s hope this works.

You go to turn around, but all of a sudden your cat, COOKIE FLOWER begins to paw it.

Cookie, nono- awww. Too late.

COOKIE FLOWER gets prototyped.

Quickly, seeing you are running out of time, you throw your TOON LINK PLUSHIE into the kernelsprite and come out with a NEKO LINK-ish creature.


JESS: Oops.

With moments to spare, you quickly grab your trusty BOW and your ARROWS. You made it just in time, and you plop onto the ground in a strange place. You now come to awareness that you are in a barren wasteland, aBLAZE in fire and shrouded in FOG. You have arrived, along with your small house, in the LAND OF BLAZE AND FIRE.

You grin happily, but then your thoughts drift to your MOTHER. You hope that she is safe, then you go to pester your server.

JESS C_____ ✔

Your name is JESSICA, but you are mostly called JESS. You have a variety of interests, some being ACTING, WRITING, and PLAYING VIDEO GAMES. You also DOODLE, but you suck at it. Around your room are a lot of STUFFED ANIMALS and DOLLS. You like it when the things in your room are CUTE, as it brings a relaxed vibe. Your chumhandle is artisticAuthor, and You talk properly, and you are rather happy go lucky! ^_^

However, even though you act like you are happy, you have a deep secret, and that is that you have DEPRESSION. Sigh.

What do you do?

> Kaylen: Enter

You really had no idea what to expect this time around. You had figured it was just a clever scavenger hunt of sorts to keep everyone busy. But when meteors started raining down from the sky and a strange program started running on your computer, you knew you had to act fast.

Hooking up with your server player, getting into the Medium was a lot easier than you expected. Grabbing the first two items you came across and chucking them into your kernelsprite, you ended up with some grotesque talking unicorn tigersprite. You faintly wonder if prototyping a small Twilight Sparkle toy and a tiger plush will have any repercussions in the future, but the danger of the situation is too grand for you to contemplate that for long.

With the timer counting down, you make it into the Medium with mere seconds to spare, and when the dust settles you’re looking out along a flat landscape of rest clay and sand, dead trees scattering the area. From their branches hang chains that appear to be long rusted.

There’s no movement of any kind that you can see for miles around you, and with the lack of movement is an eerie silence that makes you shudder. The Land of Silence and Chains is far from what you expected when you entered.

As you sling your shotgun over your shoulder, a movement catches in the corner of your eye. Despite the displacement of sand and the imps raising from it, there is still a noticeable lack of sound. It doesn’t take you long to pull your shotgun off your back and fire a few rounds into the bodies of the creatures advancing on you.

They’re advancing on your faster than you thought, and making a quick decision you run back into your house, locking up anything you can to keep them out. Pulling your laptop out, you type a quick message into the Skype group blinking in your taskbar.

.:Kaylen:.: So Day, you need to build my house up to Gate 1.